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Store Visual Development

A well planned visual merchandising can help a brand both to introduce their products better and deliver the message they try to convey properly. A good example of this is when the products (from how they are displayed, the right props to use, etc.) can collaborate seamlessly with the supporting marketing supplement (banners or video ads) – resulting in a purchase by the customer. We believe that without a well calculated presentation, no product can sell itself – so a precise visual merchandising planning is needed to merge both aspects so that a brand will not lose both its identity and its sales number. _ Introducing Visual Merchandising Indonesia Retainer Basis. With this service, we will intensively manage your brand for a minimum of six months. During this dedicated period, VMID will construct a brand planning, which includes system improvements such as their annual VM calendar, VM trainings, VM guidelines and store revamp. All with a better and the best VM system as its final output.

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