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Rumah Ayu by Sarah Sofyan Store Visual Development

In exactly 12 months (from June 2019 to June 2020) we have just finished the store visual development project for Rumah Ayu @rumahayu The location was having a significant interior design makeover. Our design team transformed the first and second floor, now zoned as the store areas on both, as well as the outdoor lounge and coffee shop. The project was continued with the making of fixtures and all interior detail, before concluded with the store visual styling by a specific team from VMID. We've made sure that Rumah Ayu, a store that housed several other Indonesian brands, can still carry their strong and personal brand identity, even if facilitating the various brands are also one of their top priorities. We would like to thank in particular Kak Sarah @sarsof, Mas Ardhi and the rest of the family, for trusting VMID with this important project. During the process they have been very supportive, being on the same page with our vision of using high-quality materials, choosing the right designs, and cooperative in pushing the project to its fullest potential - all with the goal to reflect a better store visual for the brand.

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