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ASEAN Indonesia 2023 Experience booth development

@asean_ri@bank_indonesia 'Discover Sumatra' Natural Product Experience booth design & product display plan.

Bali 1-3, 6-10 February 2023

Bank Indonesia - Department of MSME Development and Consumer Protection Experience Booth at the 2023 ASEAN Chairmanship.

We are delighted to have been assisting the BI - DPUK team as a VM agency, where we develop the display showcase concept for 'Discover Sumatra'. In the event, we divided the booth into four sections: Food & Beverages, Natural Product Experience, Fabrics and Fashion. All four were bustling with MSME participants from all over Sumatra.

The showcase concept this time is a little different because we want to provide experience in the booths.

To achieve that we present complete stories about each MSMEs through specially designed signage that blends seamlessly with the product.

In the Natural Product experience, we also present educative information about more than 20 spices that they carry - from granular, powdered and liquid.

Hopefully, with the experience booth concept, delegates from ASEAN+3 countries can get to know Sumatra and Indonesia better through the diversity of MSME products that are displayed.


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