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Looklab VM Props & Visual point Design - Production

Props and VM point development design and production for Looklab.

After finishing the design for Looklab store at Lippo Mall Puri, we continued the development process. Such as preparing and perfecting the production of props and the VM points.

Looklab is a store from PT Paragon Technology and Innovation that carries all their brands in a single spot.

Brands like Wardah, Make Over, Emina, Crystallure, Labore, Tavi, Kahf and Biodef are available in this new location.

Our team ensures that the design fits the function of each promotional collaterals, from the theme to the highlighted product.

After getting approval from the group's store design team, we continued with the installation process.

Of course, we understand that in every process such as this specifically for beauty products, will not always run smoothly. This is because it involves many departments, like Product, Marketing, Design, and VM.

Let's also remember that often times, the size of the items also varies greatly. Yet, because each department handle their duties professionally, the goals are still achieved.

Store design by : PT. Paragon Technology and Innovation Store Design Team

Store build by : Siesta


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