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MASSHIRO&Co. VM Retainer Basis

After receiving the XOXO series product and guidelines from the Masshiro & Co. team we started to display products and design the window display according to the product details provided.

For this, we had to ensure products, props and signage are displayed correctly, according to the directed location and position.

The brand have given the VMID team the freedom to do styling and product grouping, according to the style/rules that are suitable to their product theme.

By using a VM Retainer Basis service, brands can manage schedules for store visual management and styling more flexible.

Operations and design teams who assisted in visual merchandising works, can focus more on doing their core work. Even for business owners, this service can reduce their time in maintaining the overall store visual.


VMID assures that the VM team on duty is in top healthy condition, using the standard complete VM tools, and are subject to protocols made both by the clients and ourselves.


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