This service covers the fixture rearrangements, product regrouping and sales analysis. The store revamping process will go through three steps,

1. Planning which areas of the store that needed a revamp, also a discussion about what does the store expect to achieve once the process is done

2. Re-displaying procedure that will be executed accordingly with the discussion before by our professional team

3. A feedback sharing and reviewing session between the VMID team and the brand concerning the successful rate of the revamp process – this includes determining subjects and matters that needs to be improved within the store’s operations.

By regularly revamping, a brand can learn a lot – from the best potentials for product placements, the success rate of their marketing promo and the store’s location’s full strength.

Let us handle your store’s revamping and watch as your store will have a significant transition. You won’t need to supervise the process, won’t need to involve too many personells, nor would you need to try multiple methods for the displays.

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