There’s a lot of things going in distributing product positions before opening a new store – determining the signage placement, the marketing campaign, allocating the amount of products on each fixtures and tables.
Preparation for the opening of a new store is not only about displaying products and all its amenities and requirements a day before the doors are opened. But also planning the theme, best positionings, which colors to have the spotlight. A comprehensive produced plan in the form of a display guideline is what we call a VM Planogram.
By having your own VM Planogram, each department can work more easily when they understand detils about the products, the marketing campaigns and which display tools they need to prepare. This also determines the area distribution for each categories – ie. Mens, Ladies, Children.
Visual Merchandising Indonesia,
We have helped over 30 clients in arranging the right planogram during the pre-opening period of their stores. With a clear and calculated planogram, every team members can work to the fullest for their respective departments. Don’t forget that the most important thing is, planogram also helped on achieving their scheduled date for opening precisely.

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