In this service, VMID will produce a Visual Merchandising Guideline for a brand. 
The guideline purposes on giving the brand a clear ruling on how to arrange their store’s products display accordingly, as well as determining which assisting tools to use.
The assembling of this VM Guideline will go through four steps:
1. Planning the rulings on the display, along with discussions about which part of the store is the brand mostly concerned about
2. Design process that is performed within the brand’s newly made VM Guideline
3. Implementing the design on the store’s display, with assistance from the VMID team
4. A joint review of the project’s successful implementation of the VM Guideline.
As we all know, a guideline’s purpose is to help the VM team from the head office on applying a solid ruling throughout all of their displays on each and every stores, so it would appear consistent, unified, effective and accurate. With a VM Guideline, there will be no more doubts on making decisions while displaying products for the VM staff members. While this benefits the VM from the head office to determine whether the display rulings were applied successfully.


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