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A Visual Merchandising Agency

offering a full range of expertise to elevate and maximize the overall Store Look & Retail Brands

across Indonesia & Asia 

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VMID® (PT. Menata Ritel Indonesia) is the first full-service visual merchandising agency in Indonesia, covering all aspects of retail operations.

Established in 2016, VMID® was founded with the idea of creating an agency that serves to "fill the gap" between brands and their visual merchandising challenges.

Our role is to identify solutions to these challenges and act as an advisory partner during the development of their visual merchandising processes.

Supported by a team with extensive experience in resolving numerous visual merchandising issues, we are dedicated to managing your brand's visual merchandising strategy. As a visual merchandising agency, we understand our clients' needs, aiming not only to restore and adjust their store or brand's display but also to enhance quality, boost sales numbers, and improve the skillsets of team members along the way.

Over the past eight years, VMID® has collaborated with over 100 brands from various retail businesses, completing more than 1000 projects in almost 15 cities across Indonesia. These projects are an integral part of VMID®'s main services, namely Design, Build, Visual Merchandising Display, Visual Merchandising Training, and Visual Merchandising Guidelines.

We confidently assert that the results achieved thus far have significantly assisted brands in resolving their visual merchandising issues.


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