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A Visual Merchandising Agency

offering a full range of expertise to elevate and maximize the overall Store Look & Retail Brands

across Indonesia & Asia 

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VMID® ( PT. Menata Ritel Indonesia ) is the first full service visual merchandising agency in Indonesia that covers all aspects in retail operation.

Started in 2016, VMID® was founded with an idea to establish an agency that simply acts to "fill the gap" between brands and their visual merchandising problems.

Our function is to figure out solutions to those problems, as well as to become an advising partner during their VM development process.

Supported by team with an extensive experience in solving countless ‘VM problems’, we will help to manage your brand’s VM strategy.As a VM agency, we are well aware of a client’s needs. Not only wanting their store or brand’s display to be restored and adjusted, but there should be an improvement in quality and sales number – as well as the skillset of the team members along the way.


In three years, VMID® have worked together with over 80 brands of different retail businesses on more than 800 projects, spread in almost 15 cities across Indonesia. Projects that ranged VM Training, VM Talkshow, and our usual specialty: new store set-up, store revamp and window display development.

We are most confident to say that the results achieved so far have been well and significant in assisting brands to solve their VM issues.




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