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Oemah Herborist at Secret Garden Village, Bedugul-Bali Store Revamp

We have just completed a store revamp for Oemah Herborist @oemaherborist.bali which is located inside Secret Garden Village, in Bedugul, Bali.

In addition to re-displaying products, we also ensure that product display stories are created through props and signage that represent each section and product category.

We sent the #vmidbali team of four specialists to collaborate with the Oemah Herborist team in the process, considering the large store area.

Our goal was helping the brand to unlock the potential of the product so that it can attract customers from clear product information and display. Another highlight of this project is trying to ensure that retail stores located in the complex can still be an important destination, without distracting visitors from enjoying the facilities and the beauty of the tourism area.

Displaying natural body care or natural beauty products requires skills in managing cleanliness, tidiness, and also consistency in presenting brand messages through store visuals.

Thank you to the Herborist team for the wonderful collaboration as well as the whole team who cooperated during the display process. See you on the next project.


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