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ULUWATU Lace Bali, VM Retainer Base

VM retainer base session for Uluwatu Lace Bali.

The VMID team will be tasked in monitoring the brand's 21 store visuals spread throughout Bali.

We will also visit the stores every month, where we will be working on a series of duties. From displaying and rearranging the products, help highlight the product campaign, filling our checklist and make a mock-up for their window displays.

Together with the Jakarta team and also the partners at the Uluwatu head office, we will ensure to keep the quality to the highest standard.

Uniformity in display and consistency in store ambiance, all starting from the window display area, followed to the sales space, and to the cashier area.

Thank you Uluwatu team for trusting VMID. Let us start this journey well.


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