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GPFI G20, Bali Dedicated VM Agency

Dedicated VM agency for Bank Indonesia.

We are proud to be appointed as the dedicated VM agency for Bank Indonesia's series of events. Starting from Indonesia Nights in Daegu, followed by Indonesian Days in Budapest, and the GPFI G20 event in Bali.

VMID's main assignment in these three series is to ensure that all preparations run well and smoothly, including several tasks from the department, which is listed below.

1. Merchandise

2. Booth Design

3. Graphic Design

4. Product photoshoot

5. Copywriting

6. Visual Merchandising

7. Retail operations

This list of tasks is quite long, especially for a VM agency handling international events. Nevertheless, we are confident that with the help of a competent and dedicated team, we can complete every job thoroughly, and will help introducing MSMEs in international events.


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