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Copy of CAMP ( Creative and Visual Communication Camp ) 2023

We recently held a camp for the PT. Agrinesia Raya.

During the two-day program, participants followed a schedule filled with activities such as VM training, creative sessions, and also outdoor tasks.

This camp was created to help the brand's team to emulate the sense of experience, which is different from the process or creative thinking that they carried out every day.

We believe all teams have different levels of creativity, as well as different potentials.

Our job as a VM agency is to assist brands to be able to facilitate their teams with sessions that stimulate potential that has not been explored yet. Of course, other than self-development, the goal is for the brand's daily operations to run smoothly.

Lastly, that the participants can unite as a team - one that the brand can rely on.

See you on the next camp!


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