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National Student's Competency Visual Merchandising & Window Dressing

One of our priority commitment is to support educational programs, especially in improving the quality of Visual Merchandising expertise. ( VM ID For Ministry of Education & Culture ) 6- 12 May 2018 , Lombok NTB

Visual Merchandising Competence Competition Phase 1 > Moodboard - Sketching - Presentation During this phase contestants are given time to work on: - Searching ideas according to the primary theme set by the judges (Savana Nusantara) - To make a sketch in perspective point of view illustrating the plan for the booth display - Presenting the overall idea and image before the judges With a well thought plan, displays can be executed easier and more organized.

Visual Merchandising Competence Competition Phase 2 > Props Production During this phase contestants are given time to work on: - To transform their plan into a working props for display aesthetics - To arrange the fixture positions, stools and mannequins - Making sure that the whole production process are done accurately and according to the theme that have been assigned With a meticulous and good quality production, the display result is applicable on a real retail/fashion business.

Competence Competition Last Phase > Product Styling and Selling During this closing phase contestants are given time to work on: - Prepping the product (steaming, properly arranging with hangers) - Product styling (arranging and installing products on mannequins and hangers, has to be as appealing as possible and according to the theme) - Attending the finalised booth to supervise the visitors' attraction towards the products By working through the VM process thoroughly from start and finish, the presented result will be easily calculate and accountable by the contestants. They are expected to apply these skills into the real working atmosphere in the future. We thank all three finalists - to us, you all are winners. Cheers!

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