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Private Gallery ( Design - Production - Installation - Merchandise Styling )

We have just finished working on a private gallery project in Lampung. Started from a private residence which then transformed into a gallery filled with its occupants’ private collection of personal memorabilia.

We started the project by designing cabinets and partitions adjusted to the client’s character, style, desire and local Culture. The project then followed with the production of said display props. The overall process took six months to work on, with an addition of two days for installation.

With more than 250 items planned for display, we categorized each and every one of them according to the space it needed – they are ancient vases, statues and figurines, paintings, photographs and framed certificates of merit.

We understand that setting up displays for memorable items needs a personal touch. It’s not just about arranging things on its place, it needs a flossing ‘storyline’ for guests to view and experience better about the items and the overall exhibit.

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