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Aleza Store Visual Development Banda Aceh

VMID have just finished the store opening project of @alezalabel second store – this time located in Banda Aceh. _ We provided Store Visual Development for Aleza, where we created the store layout, the fixture arrangements from its positioning to which types are used, the overall interior mood, the VM staff training, and of course VM the products’ display. All that before the store is officially open. _ There are many challenges of opening a store located several provinces away from our home-office. But we are committed to keep the standard we have set on then applied them into the location we are working on. We believe that it is not enough to utilize a brand’s or designer’s name as a medium to introduce the new store. The store’s visual needs to have a distinct and original identity compared to other brands. _ As other stores that we have succeeded in creating the store visual development, we also hoped that the result on this project would be even better. _ Congratulations to Aleza Banda Aceh, we have high hopes that the store will bring positive impact in muslim fashion there and to become a brand known for its strong signature.

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