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Minarno - New Store Set-up

We have just finished a Store Visual Development project for @minarnoclothingco first offline store, located in Kuta Square, Bali. We handled the layout design, advising on types and sizes of fixtures suitable to use, staff training, POP and promo signage design, and also displaying the products before the official opening. _ One of the challenges we faced while working on this project is the store’s location on the second floor, with the first floor being a café – which also setting up for their grand opening at the same time with Minarno. Developing a store that are unified with a café or coffee shop needs to start from creating the precise access into and out of and also a good circulation in between both stores. _ This is so that the operational from both businesses could still be profitable and benefit each other. We would like to congratulate Minarno for the opening of their offline store, we hope it will be the primary choice for outfit and style shopping. In terms of VM and store design, we also hoped that the store will have its notable signature – especially for the popular shopping district of Kuta Square.

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