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TOURISM - VMID New Service

The importance of tourism is and has always been a defining factor to a region’s identity in the eyes of their visitors – both domestic and international. Naturally, this cultural identity comes hand in hand with the iconic look or merchandise that has become a region’s visual signature. _ By developing quality merchandise properly –from its presentation, display, story, location and allocation- will surely add more value to the product. This will also raise the interests of tourists in appreciating the product. _ Introducing a new service from VMID, “Tourism Industry VM and Music Development”. With this service we will develop both product display and in-store music as well as special events specifically made for products or souvenirs that are identified with a certain region or brand. Our team will be working on product styling, pop and signage, prop design and supply. Completing the service with accurate music development @fortunes.vmid ,our aim is to showcase a new experience in observing a region’s signature product. With the right handling and arrangement, we believe that every product can be introduced with a good value.

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