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Fabelio VM Basic & In-store training

In Visual Merchandising, when a brand is selling Furniture products in their store, there are Three important things to remember: 1. How the product’s display would simulate or create the mock up of a space's real condition, such as where the furniture will be placed and funcioned. 2. The product’s price or specifications which has to be clearly shown on the information signage or POP. 3. Easily accesible. This is to provide the customers to observe the materials used, colors chosen, dimensions and the product's features more conveniently. A brand’s image shown in a showroom represents the product’s positioning in the eyes of the customer. Hence, a miscalculation in planning and display execution could create a misperception towards the brand and vice versa. An clear product information and the precise use of props or story and themes built there can significantly determine whether the product is to be purchased or not. It is important as our customer's biggest consideration factor.

VM Basic Training, for Fabelio VM team. Our two day training session consist of VM basic training and special creative session. We hope that the Fabelio team will receive new insights about VM, especially in furniture display.

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