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VMID 4 Years Styling Retails Across Indonesia : The Journal

To become a handy go-to references for you VM professionals, Brand’s Creative Team, Business owner and Retailers, during this work from home period, VMID is launching The Journal. About The Journal VMID 4 Years of styling retails across Indonesia: The Journal. A collection of our experience and thinking as a Retail VM Agency. After four years of practicing as a VM agency in Indonesia, we have recorded so many cases and problems about Visual Merchandising, Retail, and Brands. In this fourth year, VMID would like to compile all these stories and publish them into a readable ‘digest’, and sharing them with fellow VM professionals as well as business owners and brands. We call it : The Journal. The Journal has launched as an e-book & book consists of 95 pages of our research and analytics of : Visual Merchandising, Visual Merchandiser, The Store Visual & Brand, The Customer, The VM Agency, The mindset of Making & creating, The VM Journal _ Let's use all the time we have during this condition as best as possible to invest more knowledge for yourself. Once it's all over, we will step out better, as a professional that could tackle more VM problems, influencing good results and impacts on our work quality. - Terms & Conditions : 1. The journal will be a paid e-book / book 2. This paid e-book / book is limited only for 40copies 3. The first 10 orders will also receive a hard copy of the Journal. 4. Further details via DM or email at

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