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ALEZA Lombok New Store Set-up

Through the Fly2Visit, we have just completed the new store set-up for Aleza Lombok. @aleza.lombok@alezalabel

In this project, we had the opportunity to prepare a visual store through fixture placement, product arrangement and also staff training before the store finally opened.

Having a store that is well outside the area of the head office requires more effort. Such as maintaining the store's overall ambiance and also keeping the staff's knowledge of the VM consistently updated. The best way to do it is to send a partner or a VM agency to help resolve the issue. Meanwhile, HO only needs to plan about strategies for sales, brand positioning and other things outside the retail VM.

Aleza has been our client since the first time they opened an offline store in Jakarta, and we are so delighted to see their progress and consistency - especially in maintaining store visual standards. Therefore we are grateful for continuing to use the Fly2Visit service, working stores from Aceh to Lombok.

Good luck to Aleza for their new store opening, hopefully the store in Lombok can be an inspiration for many more outlets.


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