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AYANA Resort & Spa Bali Retail shop , Revamp & In-Store training

We have just completed the store revamp process for Ayana Resort Bali boutique and retail store.

VMID is making changes to the layout, product arrangement and transforming the ambiance. Along the way, we've improved the visibility of the store to make it easier to see the products - done by changing several props and display tools. The revamp process will be concluded with in-store training for their retail department team. By working on this revamp process, we hope that Ayana's retail store is more than ready to welcome guests - and furthermore, ready to get them interested in shopping.

Having a retail store in the hotel or resort area, it is significant to regularly update the product layout, especially styling them compared to retail stores in general. Because it is not the property's main business, retail stores at resorts must have that extra effort to make visitors fall in love at the first sight with the product. It has to grab their attention every time they pass the window display area.


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