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Bening Luxury - New Store jewelry riser development

Recently, we have completed the design and production of a jewelry riser for Bening Luxury at their Kebayoran Baru store.

We designed all jewelry risers by categorizing each cabinet into several sections, which are the main base, the riser itself, and images at the top for some of their collections. Adjusting the design and shape of the riser to match the interior design of the store, we used rose gold finish on the iron and beige velvet on the jewelry riser.

In total, around 500 pieces were made. All were categorized into bases, trays, display risers for bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and unattached stones.

Congratulations Bening Luxury for the new store. We hope that the jewelry risers can facilitate the operations. But most importantly, we hope that the store welcomes customers with comfort and convenience for their jewelry shopping.


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