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BUIBOO Grand Indonesia Store Design Dev.

We have just finished developing Buiboo’s store design in Grand Indonesia.

We designed two separate sections; products for kids and products for moms by dividing the space according to the product allocation and function of the required respective areas.

As for the style, we still follow the brand's DNA that has been formulated by the Hypefast team.

But while executing the production, we develop them according to the mother and child store visuals that are perfect and carry interesting stories.

Such design should be playful, light, happy and manage to attract parents and mothers to enter the shop.

Designing a mother and child store not only has to be careful with the dimensions of the product.

Other than its affects the function of the fixtures and furniture, but also a clear division of the display area is to make it easier for parents to find the needed products.

This is also for the overall safety of the design of fixtures and furniture from forms or materials that are safer for children.

Congratulations for your store opening!


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