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Deer Zoovenir at Bali Zoo , Fixture Design & Product display

After completing the design process, and supervising the production of fixtures and furniture, we continued with processing the product and display styling for Deer Zoovenir store at Bali Zoo. The general concept is changing the overall store to be more visible, make it family-friendly with an affordable price range. The goal is also to support the store's latest collection, which has been achieved by changing the design and color of the furniture while still paying attention to the function of each fixture.

The VMID team in Bali has completed the product display and styling by dividing the area into different categories.

Such as apparel, souvenirs, dolls, and also a special collection that highlights Zoo Adventure.

Developing a visual store in tourism and recreation areas, especially zoos, requires creativity and well thought concepts to be able to make products look attractive, appealing and relatable to the zoo's atmosphere itself.


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