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Exotic Komodo Store Visual Development

After five months of design stage and construction for five months, followed by finishing touches by our team on-site, we've just finished developing the store visual for the Komodo Exotic Gallery in Labuan Bajo.

We will be setting up fixtures as well as arranging the store's product display. Not only placements of the fixtures and product positions, but product styling is also important. This is to give a convenient ambiance, good visibility, and to highlight the originalities of their products.

Displaying a souvenir store or authentic local products will require enough understanding of the history, lore, even the special values that the products have. In that way, the products are not mere keepsakes, but also a cultural heritage that continues to carry meaning and significance.

We hope that the Komodo Exotic Gallery will continue to be the main shopping destination for visitors of Labuan Bajo, as well as setting the standard of how any gallery or souvenir store should work on their store visual aspects in the tourism industry.


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