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Frank & Co 26th Anniversary Window Display

After last year we managed and produced multiple window displays for the 25th anniversary of Frank & Co., this year we are fortunate to be given another opportunity to develop 41 window displays for their 26th anniversary celebration

Following the designs and directions given by the brand's VM team, we've completed production and distribution arrangements for 41 Frank & Co. stores in just 14 days. This year's window display design focuses on stainless steel materials, illuminated embossed letters, velvet, complemented by ornaments made of acrylic and gold plated steel.

Almost every production site can produce window displays. But in our experience, only a trusted VM agency has a competent team in large numbers will be able to deliver the client's needs.

The dedicated team will work continuously, for both small or large scale projects. Most importantly, they will adhere to the schedule until the goods has arrived at the store properly and definitely on time.

Congratulations on the 26th Anniversary of Frank & Co. We can't wait to work together on a special collaboration again.


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