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Frank&Co. Window Display & Showcase Dev.

We have just finished the showcase display and window display installation process at all of Frank & Co.'s stores in the Greater Jakarta and Bandung area. In total, we worked on 20 locations.

During this stage, it is imperative to manage the timeline and items inventory, especially considering that we are handling installations for quite a lot of stores. We then followed by documenting window display and showcase display already arranged with the products. We need to make sure that every items' functions will support the products' visual. Making them more attractive, more informative, and most definitely consistent with the brand's image.

Next, we will continue with delivery for 18 stores outside the Greater Jakarta area. The project will be finalized on February 28th, when all items will be completely installed.

Guess what, that's not all! There's still the exciting window display development for Frank & Co.'s 25th anniversary celebration. Stay tuned for the process and results.

We would like to thank all the VM team at Frank & Co., who have been very cooperative while assisting VMID during our role as their VM agency in this overall project. In our eyes, your professionality is exceptional.


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