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Gold Collection Jewelry Riser Development for Frank & Co, Mondial, The Palace

Once again, we had the opportunity to develop a jewelry riser for the CMK Group, this time for all the stores of Frank&Co, Mondial, and The Palace.

We made a jewelry riser for the Gold Exclusive collection. Following the design directions from the brand, the riser need look classic but still stylish and sophisticated at the same time.

This jewelry riser is then wrapped with a different type of fabric from the usual. We gave a shiny finishing touch, melting gold with special effects to further present the details of this exclusive collection.

For two weeks our team managed this development process from sample making, production, to setting the delivery timeline to 77 stores in different cities all over Indonesia.

Thank you to the CMK Group who have been entrusting their jewelry risers to us in the last five years. Also many thanks to the VM team for always having brilliant ideas.


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