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Growell Props dev. & Product styling

We have just completed product display and styling for the new Growell Wholefoods Grocery store in Pondok Indah.

The VMID team organized products according to Growell's divided categories. They are Beauty, Homeware, Bulk Store, Juice Bar, Healthy Snacks and Fresh Products.

We then arranged them according to their respective position on the display. In addition to displaying products, we also provide props development service.

Here, we determine, find and produce display tools as well as props to fit the position and match the mood in a certain area.

Displaying grocery stores, especially those that provide organic and curated products, requires further understanding. Such as the details of its ingredients, category grouping, the accuracy and neatness in preparation, as well as using display tools that are in line with the style of the store's main ambiance. With a proper and correct display in grocery stores, it is easy to achieve shopping convenience. It is maintained with the main goal of providing comfort and ease for customers to find the product they need.

Congratulations Growell for your new store location.


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