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Luxmatters Jewellery Riser & Display Tools Design & Production

Our 1000 riser & display tools design development project - Production for Luxmatters Jewelry renovated store at The Plaza has concluded.

At the early stage, the process created flawless teamwork between the brand, store designer, and visual merchandiser. From making sure that the products and risers that we've designed are according to the brand's function, aesthetics, and character. To assuring that the products had proper arrangements, and suited to the number of displays that the brand expected.

Designing and producing jewelry risers or tools requires more than accuracy in dimensions and sizes. It also needs the right materials used. The function of each riser is also very important in this regard, because every brand has different product characteristics and features.

Every brand can purchase their own jewelry risers directly and anywhere on the market. But ordering custom risers specially made by a VM agency who understands the various types of riser designs and expertise in production will definitely provide more convenience and solutions for the brand.


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