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Masshiro&Co. Breathe in Denim Product Launching

Masshiro&Co. Breathe-In Denim product launch.

In this collection, we design, manufacture and install supporting props for the theme. One of them was by making rolls of tencel denim fabric and then hanging it, while also placing some of the rolls on the window display. We started by preparing the layout and placement of products as well as props - all according to the guidelines made for product launching and fashion shows.

This event is also supported by Fortunes (Fashion & Retail Tunes) by VMID. This service accompanied a series of fashion shows and also a mingle session for invited guests by our Music Director. In the evening, we do redisplayed and further layout work to restore the position of the furniture and product highlights. This is so that Masshiro&Co. products are ready and available for their customers the next day.

As a VM agency that has complete services to support the brand's every needs, we are very happy to be able to deliver this event successfully through well-planned audio and visual arrangements.


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