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Visual Merchandising and Display Tools Showcase 2022

Visual Merchandising and Display Tools Showcase 2022

Maranatha Christian University Auditorium.

As VMID's commitment to education, especially towards institutions and schools actively developing Retail Visual Merchandising, we are always available to assist.

This means from organizing the introduction, to providing learning facilities through online, offline as well as exhibitions.

This year we had the opportunity to collaborate with the Faculty of Interior Design of Maranatha Christian University. Together we held a mini exhibition to introduce the display tools we commonly used in various projects of retail Visual Merchandising. This event will also feature a talk show by VMID's own VM Director and the many lecturers from the faculty itself. A very interesting panel, regarding the role of interior design in Retail Visual Merchandising.

In an effort to introduce VM, a flawless collaboration between interdisciplinary subjects is needed, which will help the VM side in gaining new insights from the academics.

Of course, all will be very valuable in future projects.

Thank you to all lecturers at Maranatha Christian University for their trust in VMID 🙏


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