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Maintaining a visual luxury multibrand product store is a challenge on its own.

Not only that 70% of the products in a multibrand store consist of bags, shoes, and accessories, but also because the staff's daily routine will be packed with handling the customers.

We understand that maintaining the consistency of display products in this type of store is intricate and complicated.

We ensure that this can be solved by our dedicated VM team's regular visits to the Voila store. The team will work on the props, signage, and display tools that we have formulated - starting from the types and quantity, to the production and sourcing. And of course, we will also provide the brand with a proper report at the end of each session, to make it easier for them to review the store's current update and situation.


An extensive knowledge of all luxury brands at also makes it easier for both teams of the brand and VMID to work together. This is also to give extra care in handling products, so that they remain in good condition when the display process is carried out.


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