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House of Ria Miranda - National Training

Selling your products online does not mean it will make your customers exclusively loyal, nor would they lack the interest of buying products straight at the store. What online shopping have more in efficiency, they lack in some important things – appearance, products set up, face to face customer service are among them. Today we trained the staff members and VM talents of @inforiamiranda House of @riamiranda from all of their stores in Indonesia. We trained them on elementary visual merchandising (VM Basic level) that grants the staff members with techniques to display the products as well as specific knowledge and understanding about a store. On the same training, we also coach them about crucial elements of retail operation; Service (selling and gestures) and Grooming (uniform and make-up). We believe that in the end, each and every one of a brand’s online customers who actually have the chance to visit their retail store deserves to experience more. They need to encounter and embrace the full means of the brand’s calculated campaign – from the moment they see a product arrangement, trying the product, to the staff members’ overall performance.

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