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Mondial Jeweler Christmas Window Display

We have just finished the design, production and installation process for Mondial Jeweler’s window displat at their Plaza Senayan, Plaza Indonesia and Tunjungan Plaza stores. _ VMID called this theme, “Let It Snow.” Made from real trees, chosen specifically and applied with falling snow effects that will operate while the store is open. Among our design thoughts were how to not letting the faux-snow to drop on the store’s displayed products. This will keeping the customer’s focus on the products and not on the props. We’ve also cut crystal shapes for the faux-snow as ornaments, applying white leaves one by one on the trees, so that it would look real. The overall process took us four weeks – from designing, choosing the materials meticulously, to the installation itself. The last touch is, as always, together with Mondial Jeweler to choose the right product to be displayed. We believe that such special moment has to be represented by the right product. _ Happy Holidays everyone, let it snow!

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