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VMID Creative CAMP 2019

VMID CAMP ( Creative & Visual Communication Camp ) for Transmarco Creative Team. In this two day long #VmidCAMP, we made specific activity sessions to train the team to think deeper about creative process. Day 1 is about the production of window display models and visual communication sessions. Day 2 is for fun activities, filled with team building, coffee tasting and architectural tour. VMID Creative CAMP is an annual program held and curated for a brand where the activities are aimed on training and enhancing how to have a creative mindset, as well as to provide a new atmosphere within the brand's working space. _ With professional and competent instructors, VMID are certain that after participating in this program, team members can go back to work with a completely new mindset, fresh and ready for any pressure at work - especially in regard of creative process.

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