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Adelle Jewelry VM display Development

We have just finished a VM product display project for @adellejewellery . It started from custom-designing each and every jewelry showcase that they have, so that each piece is specifically made for the products on display. This includes the size, materials, the angle applied to the module used. The process then follows with designing the window display, applying the tower design and their soon to be launched special theme, “Rose D’Amour.” Once the design process were done, we continued with the production of said items – all of which needs to be done right before the launch event in their stores in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung. Overall, it took us two months to complete this dedicated and high intensity project. With accurate craftsmanship and meticulous work during design and production, VM displays showcase on jewelry products will not only help the products to be presented better. This will help the VM team for an easier re-display work every day.

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