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VM Retainer Basis - The New Normal of VM

VM Retainer Basis - The new normal of VM Period : June - Dec 2020 _ We realized that when a brand has stores that will begin operating again following the permitted period by the government, there will be many things to be adjusted. From store visuals, customer convenience, and safety for everyone involved. _ This is in line with our commitment to provide new directions, including to equip our team with safe and standardized VM display kits to work on a project or store. _ We know this is far from easy. But working on a store revamp and preparing ourselves and the store visual standard to the new normal is the most effective way to react to the situation. It is also to convince the customers that your brand is ready to welcome them into the stores. In the following June-Dec period, our team will start to visit your store and assist to maintain them. This necessary maintenance is to keep a consistent store visual standard, a safe and convenient shopping experience for your customers, and most importantly, to make sure that all products will appeal enough to accelerate future transactions. There are strict protocols in using this service to avoid risks and disadvantages. _ Changes are to be dealt with. Problems are to be solved. Adapting is a prerequisite, not an alternative. The brands that readjust to the crisis are the ones that shall survive it. _

Limited only to three brands. Contact us, and let's discuss online.

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