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The New Normal of Store Visual for Fashionlink

We have finished introducing the new normal store visual protocols for Fashionlink. @fashionlinkgram _ The process consists of adjusting fixture positions and arrangements, main road area, and mannequin styling - making sure that it is all according to the new standard in shopping customer's convenience and safety. _ During the process, of course there will be a decrease in display tools. This is to give a bigger and safer space for the customers, while also calculating the store's sales number. We need to continuously apply this protocols until the condition gets gradually better. We hope that Fashionlink will always be the best destination for products by Indonesian designer. May their business rhythm will do nothing but to grow from this point. _ VMID assures that the VM team on duty is in top healthy condition, using the standard complete VM tools, and are subject to protocols made both by the clients and ourselves.

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