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Bateeq - everyday at By The Sea PIK store design & display.

We have just finished developing for Bateeq's brand new store, located at the By The Sea shopping district, Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Our design highlighted the feminine, warm but calm visual side. We felt that Bateeq products have such strong and dominant characteristic patterns, and needed to be translated into our design. We divided the store area into several sections, according to the needs of the brand as well as the fit-out guidelines provided by the mall's management.


Designing a shop with an area of ​​only 20m2, which we categorize as micro store, requires careful and accurate consideration for types of product and number of products that must be displayed.

Also important in a micro store are the non-selling areas such as cashier area, fitting room, window displays, in-store signage and mini storage. All of which must be visible and seamlessly blends with fixtures and furniture.

If all the arrangements above are done correctly, it will not only support the space’s productivity, but also create a comfortable customer flow even though you are in a micro store.


Last but not least, to be one of many stores in a large area, you must remember to be a brand that show your strong identity, even if it is represented through the micro space.


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