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Lumine JKT, Festive VM display design, production & Installation

We have just finished the VM display design, production, and installation process for @lumine.jakarta .

You might as well have guessed that the chosen theme is the holiday season and Christmas in the store.

Also, because it's relatively close to the Chinese New Year in less than two months, our client has asked us to apply designs that could accommodate both celebrations.

We translated the idea by using rattan as the primary material, constructed in circles with flowers, blending both themes into a single unity.

In another stage, we complemented the design by producing a specially made gradient fabric, red tulle, and a little touch of glitter to illustrate the festivities.

Merging two festive seasons will not only ease the theme transitions effectively, but also deliver the warmth of celebrations into the store's atmosphere.

A warm holiday that will welcome the customers with open arms.


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