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Mondial Jeweler 41st Anniversary.

Mondial Legacy: a Journey Through Time.

The theme chosen by their VM Manager for Mondial brand's 41st anniversary this year tells everything we need to know.

Depicting the story of Mondial's story throughout the years, captured and pictured in an elaborate display arrangement, set on their window displays and store events. A full recount of the Journey from past to present, all in one presentation.

VMID™ assisted in bringing the brand's imagination and ideas to life, through their

window display and event decor.

Starting from making pedestals and risers with rough finish.

Then we provide hour glass and dusty plants as props, portraying the past.

Combined with representations of the present, using levitate display to give the illusion of floating products, LED monitors on the sides of the window display, as well as prism mirrors to reflect holographic effects also describes the diamond that has been found inside the pedestal.

The objective is of course to deliver the message for customers of Mondial, but also for the general audience. We give our highest appreciation for the brand's VM Manager for bringing a fantastic idea and a clear brief for us, as well as their accurate supervision during the whole project .

Happy 41st anniversary for Mondial Jeweler

May you remain to be the leading jewelry brand in Indonesia, and consistently raising the standards of their store visuals. Thank you for the trust on VMID™ in the last four years.


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